My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

Updated: Feb 11

Hey friend!! My most commonly asked question is always "What supplies do you use?" And I totally understand! When I first started Bible Journaling I had no clue which supplies were safe to use or where to get started. In this blog post I will catch you up and share all of my favorite supplies!

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# 1: Pens for Lettering

When it comes to lettering there are TWO different pens that I use in my Bible 99% of the time. The first is a pentel micron sakura pen and the second is the tombow fudensuke brush pen. I love that neither of these pens will bleed through the pages in my Bible!

First I will show you some entries where I used the pentel micron sakura pens. This pen comes in several different thickness options depending on the look you are going for with your lettering. For example, in this pic I used the "01" pen which has a thinner tip.

And then in this pic I used the "08" pen for the thicker parts of the calligraphy and I used the "02" pen for the thinner portions of each letter.

The pentel micron sakura pens are great for simple lettering and faux calligraphy.

For brush calligraphy, I use the tombow fudensuke brush pen. This pen comes in a two pack on Amazon. One pen has a hard tip and the other has a soft tip. This will affect the amount of pressure you apply on the downstrokes of your lettering.

For example, here is an entry that I made using the hard tipped tombow fudensuke brush pen.

#2: Watercolor Paint

Yes - you can use water in your Bible! I thought this was crazy at first, but trust me - you can! And there are soo many options for watercolor paints! Personally, I love using my amazon watercolor paints and my handmade watercolors by @Dotsanddust.

The secret to painting with watercolors in your Bible is to use minimal amounts of water and to place a piece of scrap paper behind the page you are working on so that you avoid dripping water on the rest of your Bible!

The photo above was created using both Dots and Dust watercolors and my Amazon watercolors and the colors came out beautifully! I love the way my Dots and Dust watercolors add a special shimmer effect to my Bible page!

Especially the silver shimmer in the sun beams and on this wave!

#3: Acrylic Paint

Last but not least, I love love love the boldness and color that my acrylic paints bring to my Bible Journaling pages. No special acrylic paint is needed. I purchase mine at Walmart and they are only $.50 per color.

Personally, I prefer using the matte acrylic paints as opposed to the glossy paints because that way they do not leave paint brush marks on the page.

Look at that YELLOW!

I also used acrylic paint for the florals and leaves on this page as well. And I used my tombow fudensuke brush pen for the lettering.

Thanks so much for reading along! I hope you were able to learn a little something about Bible Journaling to hopefully give you the boost you needed to just give it a try. It doesn't require anything fancy and it's a great way to dive into scripture.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! See you soon, friend!

Happy Journaling!!

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